Friday, 18 August 2017

Conversation: The Three Conditions

"What happen to Tan Cheng Bock's appeal, ah?"

"Still no decision."

"That means, what?"

"That means, no decision yet lah! Are you trying to get me into trouble by speculating about possible conspiracy theories that might impugn the reputation and independence of our judiciary?"

"You so clever I am sure you can find a way to... "imp pune" the reputation of our courts without getting into trouble, lah!"

"Don't have. But I heard a joke - Tan Cheng Bock can run in this election if he fulfills three conditions."

"What conditions?"

"One, he will have to change his name to 'Cheng Bock bin Tan'. Two, his nomination papers can ONLY be seconded by his FOUR wives. And three, he will have to staple his foreskin to the Nomination Papers when he submits the papers."

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