Wednesday, 15 April 2020

Save money. Spend time.

This situation has affected people severely. Loss of jobs, loss of income, less disposable income.

To help Singaporeans, the Govt has ordered bars, cinemas, nightclubs and karaokes to close. So people with less income won't be tempted to spend their scarce income frivolously. But these measures were not enough! People were still finding ways to spend money they don't have! 

So the govt is closed other "leisure" centres from 7 April - IKEA, Decathlon, Japan Home, Daiso...

And for those who have lost their jobs, who might feel lonely at home by themselves, the govt suggested companies allow people to work from home. So they can keep their laid off family members company and reduce loneliness and depression. 

But for some couples, after years of... "Togetherness" they can't relate to each other without their children. So the govt ordered home based learning so the family could spend time together during this trying times.

Save money. Spend time. With your family.