Singapore 2B is intended to be about the Singapore to be... Future Singapore. Or maybe it is about Singapore Version 2B. Not the 1A or the A1 Singapore, but a kinder, gentler Singapore? A softer, less stressful, less distressful Singapore? Maybe.

But to understand where we are going, we need to know where we are.

So part of this blog will be about Singapore today, as it is, warts and all.

Then the other part is speculation about where Singapore might be headed.

And I believe, "the best is yet 2B". (And no, that is not code for which school I went to.)


Yes, I know it is rather arrogant to have requirements to read a blog, but hey, I'm sharing my thoughts here. I'd like to know the people reading this are able to appreciate it.

So here's the requirement: Read this article by someone else:
"What makes you, you?"

If you can follow the arguments for half the article (which was when my mind started to wander), you should be able to follow most of my ramblings here.

Less of a requirement, and more of an extra credit reading, here's an illustration of The Backfire Effect. It's about beliefs, core beliefs, and values.

About Comments

"I thought I wanted to read people's comments. Then I realised most people are idiots."
[Just read the comments on Facebook.]

Or to be more generous, dilettantes. Who have a casual interest, but no real knowledge to share. Who are interested in engaging at a superficial level. To get some satisfaction at playing at solving the problem with some superficial interaction, but who bring nothing to the table but their enthusiasm.

Some commenters may be deliberately obtuse, or are really dense and unable to look beyond superficial similarities or understand nuances of meaning and context. Like this comparison between what Donald Trump said and what Sonia Sotomayor said. Comments that are obviously obtuse or deliberately or really oblivious will be ignored. Go play somewhere else.

Comments that provide history/historical background, reflect facts, speculates about future Singapore, or paints a viable vision of Singapore to be are welcome.

Pure, unhinged optimism, idealistic fantasies, and shallow speculation will be given short shrift. Or the sarcastic treatment.

Tedious spams, hackneyed, bilious complaints, speculative fiction (e.g. conspiracy theories) with no redeeming value (I will be sole arbiter of redeeming value) obvious (or subtle) trolls, verbal diarrhea, insane or incoherent rants will be deleted and the commenter blocked, if necessary.

If you felt moved to express your unbounded admiration for my writing skills (I AM being sarcastic here), thank you. I will read your comment, but will likely delete it. I don't like to publish such comments cos my ego is already too big and I could do with a little more humility. But your compliment is noted and appreciated.

My views of comments are quite succinctly captured in this article.

Some excerpts:
"You do not have to give people who are objectively incorrect equal time."
"The real menace in dealing with a 5 year old is that... you begin to sound like a 5 year old."

Samuel Johnson (I think) also said, "the problem with wrestling with pigs is that first, you'll get dirty. And second, the pig likes it." Or something. I'm quoting from memory. Might also have been Samuel L. Jackson, but the quote would have more profanity.

So intelligent and sane comments are welcomed. I will be sole arbiter of what is intelligent and sane.

And I leave you with this PSA:

Free Speech


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