Wednesday, 8 July 2020

Random thoughts for Cooling Off Day 2020

So it occurred to me that 29 years ago, Low Thia Khiang told the Hougang voters: "WA SI TEOCHEW NANG!" (I am a Teochew!) at one (or more) of his rallies.

And he snatched Hougang from the PAP.

Twenty-nine years later, the Workers Party couldn't even send a rep to the Chinese debate.


Monday, 6 July 2020

Is the coronavirus airborne?

You might have seen this news article:

239 experts with 1 big claim: The coronavirus is airborne

In an open letter to the WHO, 239 scientists in 32 countries have outlined the evidence showing that smaller particles can infect people with Covid-19 and are calling for the agency to revise its recommendations.

06 July, 2020 
NEW YORK — The coronavirus is finding new victims worldwide, in bars and restaurants, offices, markets and casinos, giving rise to frightening clusters of infection that increasingly confirm what many scientists have been saying for months: The virus lingers in the air indoors, infecting those nearby.
If airborne transmission is a significant factor in the pandemic, especially in crowded spaces with poor ventilation, the consequences for containment will be significant. Masks may be needed indoors, even in socially distant settings. Health care workers may need N95 masks that filter out even the smallest respiratory droplets as they care for coronavirus patients.

Sunday, 5 July 2020


Let's get real.

The PAP will win the election. The question is, how will the opposition do?

And by "opposition" we realistically mean, Workers Party. All the other political parties are jokes at worst, and delusions at best.

Maybe Progress Singapore Party and Tan Cheng Bock can pull off a surprise. But even that may be a miracle. I'll explain later.

If you subscribe to the "pendulum" theory of political fortunes, that voters vote one way, then swing over to the other side, in 2011, the PAP got 60% of the vote. Then in 2015, it got 70% of the votes. In this blog, I predicted in 2015 that the PAP vote share for the next election (GE 2020) would fall.  based simply on this "pedulum" theory.