Saturday, 19 July 2014

How I Learned to stop Worrying and love the Minimum Sum

The Fear of Death does not keep us from Dying. It only keeps us from Living.

The first time I went down a 3-storey water slide (the now defunct Big Splash*), I was very frightened halfway down and I was trying very hard to slow myself down. I pressed my legs against the sides to try to brake, to slow down, but it was too slippery. I just slid faster and faster until I hit the water.

"This is fun?" I asked myself, as I sat in waist-deep water collecting myself.

Saturday, 5 July 2014

Experiments with Google

Here's an experiment you can do on your computer.

1) Google "Singapore Brides".

There may be ads (paid search results) like this one (this is a screen capture. you can't click on it):

2) Take a note of the number of ads and what they are advertising for. In this case, it is trying to sell wedding gowns to Singapore Brides.

3) Then take a look at first 3 or first 5 search results. In this case, the first 3 results are:

a) SingaporeBrides, a wedding directory
b) Blissful Brides, a bridal magazine, and
c) Singapore Brides, a Facebook page.

4) Now Google the following search terms and do the same, take a note of the number of ads and the services or goods being advertised, and then note the first 3 or 5 search results.

Search Terms:
a) Thai Brides
b) Malaysian Brides
c) Indonesian Brides
d) Vietnamese Brides
e) Philippine Brides

The search results for Malaysian brides had a forum on boutiques and wedding photography for the first and third search result. But the rest of the top results (the 3 paid results/ads, and the second search result) were for mail order brides or matchmaking services.

Well, "Indonesian Bride" had "Wedding in Bali as one of the ads.

"Thai Bride" 3rd result was a documentary/video. But it was about the "introduction service" for meeting a Thai potential wife.