Saturday, 19 August 2017

Dogs, Cats, and People.

A response to Sumiko Tan's column on how it is easier to love a dog than a person

[From an article some time in early 2016, I believe.]

I agree. It is much easier to love a dog than a person. And we should always choose the easy way. Because that is the way to build character. And to grow as a person.

Cats are a little more difficult. Choose cats if you don't want too much character. Cats have enough character for both of you.

People are incredibly difficult. Just ask the growing number of Singles aged 20 to 35. They are not like dogs or cats, or even an iPhone or iPad (or any smartphone or tablet). You can't teach them entertaining tricks, or train them, or adjust the settings to your liking. Instead, you may have to adjust YOUR settings to them.


I think dogs would like this "advice" to be given to singles, too.

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ah, i found sumiko's original column