Wednesday, 23 September 2015

PM Lee's successor - A Conversation

"Wah Liao! Elections over already, people still talk and talk and talk. Whether opposition is dead lah. Whether PAP strong again. Whether PAP will become how lian again and forget who they working for. How the opposition can improve to win back the support of the people. Whether Singaporeans are stupid, lah. What do you think?"

"Whether Singaporeans are stupid?"

"Not just that, lah! Everything!"

"I agree with you. Elections over already, people still talk and talk. Mostly they talk about the wrong things with the wrong facts and with wrong assumptions."

"Wait! Simple question: Are Singaporeans stupid?"

"For voting PAP?"


"Four years ago, they voted for WP in Aljunied, they not stupid, Three years ago they voted WP in Punggol East, they not stupid. Now they voted out WP in Punggol East, and reduce their support for opposition they suddenly stupid? So "stupid" is defined as, "not voting the way some people think they should vote?" Isn't that... arrogant? Or at least self-serving."

"So what should people talk about?"

"They can talk about anything they want. What I'm wondering about is who will be the next PM."

"LHLstill quite young, still quite chye what. Why need new PM?"

"He was asked this recently. His answer was that it is necessary for stability and investor's confidence in Singapore."

"So did he say who will be the next PM?"

"Not directly, no."

"You mean, he gave a hint?"

"If you can catch it."

What did he say? What was the hint?"

"When he answered the question about the rush to find the next PM, he said, 'look at the front bench. You see grey hairs and white hairs. An investor is going to ask, who will ensure continuity and stability in Singapore's Government>'"

"So? What's the clue?"

"He said, "grey hair and white hair"."


"Tharman has no hair."

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