Thursday, 3 September 2015

Musings on the Impending GE - Conversations with a Friend

From conversations with a Friend.

"I think GCT would prefer to retire instead of going for one more term, but he agreed because the party needs him to hold Marine Parade."

"But based on what he said (about WP being arrogant, etc), I think he trying to lose so he can retire anyway!"


"If LHL loses, what will he do after that?"

"He can try again, in the next election."

"No, I mean what would he do for a living like George Yeo got jobs in HK and India after Aljunied."

"LHL already 62+. He can retire. Anyway, I think this may be his last term as PM. He wants to hand over already."

"Or he can teach in some University of LKY School of Public Policy. Or go and advise China."


"So how come George Yeo just leave and give up like that? Lose one election, just give up already. Think about how many times Chiam contested before he won. Or Steve Chia and never won (except NCMP). Or Tan Jee Say who is so desperate he will try to win anything."

[Side note: barring the eccentricities, I see Tan Jee Say as SG's version of Donald Trump. The desperation? Ok, no one else sees it.]

"Maybe because being Minister is not fun? See Lui Tuck Yew or Raymond Lim."

"Or maybe they all dun have staying power like opposition leaders?"

"I think it is because with their talents, they have better things to do and more "profitable" things to do - they get better pay elsewhere."

"But usually they get some nice GLC job that pays really well. So did they not offer George Yeo those GLC jobs because he lost a GRC for the PAP? They gave Ong Ye Kung a job at Keppel Corp, though."

"Dunno. Speculation here - George Yeo may have turn down any such offers. And just wanted to get out and do things on his own. I think I read an excerpt of his book or an interview he gave that he got advice (I think it was from the Archbishop), that he was now free to answer to other opportunities to serve. And apparently, he found other opportunities to serve his church."

"What about Kenneth J.? He was working in the UK right? He could go back to doing that right? Why lose deposit already still want to try?"

"That one, hard to say. Probably has some daddy issues. He might be trying to make up for something between him and his father, JBJ. Opposition's 'staying power' - okay to be fair to them, some really thinks SG should be different. But some have their own personal agenda. Chee has a long history and probably wants to vindicate himself. Tan Jee Say, from his actions is a desperate man with an ego. And maybe a score to settle with GCT. I can imagine if Tan Jee Say had won the Presidential Election, he would have summoned GCT to the Istana. You know. For a 'chat'."

"But everyone says George Yeo was good, he should have tried again, Go to some GRC in the west where it is safe and he can earn that million dollar salary again! Or maybe he earned enough already, eh?"

"Where got such thing as "earn enough" one? If you have a job that pays you a million dollars, the only reason you won't try to hold onto it is if there are other jobs offering you $2m. or other jobs offering you $1m but with less stress or less responsibilities."

"Wah Liao! Million Dollar Salary not enough, ah?"

"For you, if we pay million dollar, we are over-paying. For someone like George Yeo, he can get better pay elsewhere probably for doing less work, and with less stress. In fact now he is getting paid in India and in Hong Kong."


"LHL says with the High Speed Rail, you can go to KL for Hor Fun for lunch and be back in Geylang for Whore Fun that night!"

"He didn't say that lah! At least not the second part!"

"Anyway, Lorong 9 got Beef Hor Fun. Also good. No need to go to KL."

"The only advantage for PAP is that if the HSR breakdown, it is not LTA's problem."

"Ya, but now have to walk hundreds of KM to the next station. Don't think about bus bridging service."


"Those RP candidates are jokers or what? 'Vote for PA-!' 'Vote for Workers Party!' Sabo Kenneth ah?

"When you keep changing your political party like changing underwear, sure get confused!"

"But this was M Ravi and some lady - Jessica - they not party hoppers."

"Opposition Unity!"

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