Monday, 21 March 2016

Conversation - Bukit Batok By-Election (Mar 2016)

"So Chee Soon Juan is going to contest in the By-Election."

"Like we surprised meh? Waiting for Kenneth J and Tan Jee Say to also jump in."

"But Workers Party and DPP have announced that they won't contest."

"WP not contesting also expected, lah! They know where they are strong, and they don't just jump in just because there is a lobang ok? That's why this By-Election is happening. Someone jumped in just because got lobang. WP will work the ground one, before they pia. Ai pia jia eh aia, but must also know when and where to pia. You never do homework, it's not pia, it's cheong only and hope for the best."

"DPP originally said they interested. But now they changed their mind."

"Ah Pwee is not stupid one. And he not like the other tua tows. He more realistic about his chances. He's not flashy. Don't have the big ego - like Chee, Kenneth, and Ai Say."

"So you think Kenneth, and Tan Jee Say will also contest?"

"Those two, and Chee, are all about themselves. They think themselves very big, very smart, very important. Got lobang they will sure cheong one."

"Ok, I agree for Kenneth. But in the Punggol East By-Election, Chee and Jee Say did not "cheong" as you say."

"Chee didn't cheong, but he tried to... I dunno what to call it... con WP into some stupid idea about him  standing for election and if he wins WP will run the town council. Blardy stupid idea. He might as well suggest he fuck your wife, and you look after the child if your wife gets pregnant."

"I think the word you are looking for is 'cuckold', and you're right, it was the most ridiculous proposal I had ever heard."

"Ya. And the only reason he thought it was a dem good idea is because he thinks so highly of himself, that he thinks the WP would be dem heng to have him. He lobang gila, lah!"

"But Jee Say also didn't cheong then what?"

"Because he not in a party at the time! Remember he quit the SDP to run for President in 2011? In 2013, he still haven't setup his SayFirst party."


"You call it what you want, for me it will always be SayFirst or AnyhowSay party."

"And so you don't think Desmond Lim, SDA will stand at Bukit Batok? He also cheong at Punggol East."

"That's not cheong lah. That's buay song, and buay kam guan. He was there since at least 2006 trying to win the ground. He put his blood and sweat into that place, until WP came and took it from him. GE2011 was a buay song feeling for him to lose his deposit. So the BE2013 was for him to get back face. Only he lost even more face. And his deposit again. He not a cheonger. He also work the ground in Punggol area. So he won't just cheong in Bt Batok."

"What about the PPP? They challenged in Chua Chu Kang GRC in GE2015."

"The Purple People's Party? Ants. And Goh Meng Seng not as ego as Chee or Kenneth. If Chee running, Goh won't want to donate his deposit."

"Ok, so if it were a straight fight between PAP and SDP, who do you think will win?"

"This one, hard to say. One side say, PAP got 70% in GE2015, so PAP should still win. Maybe not 70+% like in GE, but should still win. The other side say, but this is a by-election, so the by-election effect could work for the opposition right?"

"Yes... So who do you think will win?"

"If I have to bet, PAP."

"So the usual bet?"

"Why? You think the PAP will lose ah?"

"I think there is a chance."

"Ok. Usual bet. On!"

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