Saturday, 6 July 2019

Thoughts on the US 4th of July Parade

Did you see this news?

With tanks and flyovers, Trump celebrates military in July 4 salute

05 July, 2019

WASHINGTON — With US fighter jets flying overhead, United States President Donald Trump praised the military and reveled in a show of pomp and patriotism on Thursday (July 4) in a celebration of Independence Day that critics accused him of turning into a political event...

This is news.

Because, the US has NEVER had a military parade to commemorate their Independence Day.

Why? (You may ask.)

Maybe the answer is better answered obliquely. Or questioned, indirectly: Why DO nations have military parades for their Independence Day, National Day, Bastille Day, etc...?

Take Singapore. As a small nation, we were (and still are) vulnerable. A few years after Independence, the British withdrew from Singapore, and thus their protection of their former colony.

Our NDP serves as a celebration of our independence, as well as a show of strength to any potential aggressors who might think us an easy target.

Other countries like North Korea and Russia (and former USSR) also had military parades for the same reason. Because they did not want to be perceived as weak, vulnerable, or a target.

The US has eschewed such... posturing. 

In the past.

As a superpower - perhaps the most powerful nation in the world - it would be in bad taste to flaunt their military might. (Not that anyone has ever accused the US of having taste, or being subtle.)

And they are not subtle. The US has (almost?) continuously been involved on some wars (or "military conflicts) is some parts of the world or other since WW2 (IIRC). There is thus no need for them to showcase their military prowess. It is already being practically demonstrated on the international arena.

And this also presents another "bad taste" situation for them: Is it proper to have a military parade in Washington D.C. while their soldiers are fighting and dying in foreign lands? Is it in good taste to play at being soldiers in a military parade while soldiers are really putting their lives on the line elsewhere.

So in the past the US had never put on a military parade because as the most powerful nation in the world, it is in poor taste to flaunt your superiority.

That is for lesser countries to... re-assure themselves; and to comfort themselves.

And then came Donald. The most self-assured US President EVER.


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