Friday, 8 September 2017

What would Tan Chuan Jin do now?

I can't quite pin down how I feel about his nomination as Speaker of Parliament.

Firstly, there are ample comments about how this is a "demotion" for him. From a minister with a million dollar salary, to Speaker of Parliament with about half that salary/allowance.

From a contender as a future PM, to an also-ran, an early drop out. This was a consolation prize at best.

I feel for him because these comments could hurt.

The views of people who see him as a failure can be disheartening.

If one allows oneself to be disheartened.

But I have heard him speak before, and my impression is that he has his head screwed on right. He did not strike me as the ambitious type, and at the time I heard him, the signs were that he was not a front-runner for the future PM-ship. He spoke of the importance of his family and I sense the sincerity and genuineness of his words. Some may wonder if he was assuaging his ego for his failed ambition, but the truly ambitious do not do that.

I believe that he truly values family above all else.

It was also about the time of his "cardboard collecting by elderly for exercise" comment that was mistranslated and reported. I expected him to defend and explain his comment, but he chose to simply accept that people will choose to take things the wrong way, and he would choose not to be overly guarded about his speech for fear of negative sound bites.

Anway, this Speaker of Parliament role is not a demotion. Some comments suggests that he was being groomed to be President in the future. :-)

He may have a 50% cut in his salary. But he would have a 80% to 95% cut in stress and responsibilities. Allowing him more time for his family and to pursue his own personal interests.

Maybe he would write a book. Or two.

What would he write about?

Here are some possible titles.
"Dreams of the Prime Ministership" 
“How I came to be Speaker of Parliament without really trying” 
“Who wants to be Prime Minister when you can be President” 
“If I had a million dollar salary…” 
“About that cardboard collecting thing…” 
“How to semi-retire at 48 with an income of $550,000” 
"How I fought for work-life balance and got it at 48."


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