Saturday, 17 June 2017

Conversation: Lee & Lee vs Lee

"Wah liao eh. If  the Old Man is still alive, he must be dem disappointed in his children, man!"

"I also say."

"And say until like that - that they have no confidence in their brother. I dunno what that even means! So they have no confidence in him as their brother, or they have no confidence in him as the PM?"

"Aiyah, this is just a family argument made bigger because the brother is the PM, and the father is LKY. And of course in a family fight, everything becomes bigger, and more important. So, the brother is not just trying to challenge the father's last will, he is betraying the values of the father. It is the exaggeration of a soap opera."

"I read also dunno what to believe. Can say until like that, meh? Then say that he can use the house for politics? How? If the grandson want to go into politics, all he has to say is that he is grandson of LKY. Whether the old house is standing or demolished will not make him not LKY's grandson, what!"

"Exactly! The reason for LKY to want his house demolished is that he has seen how other places are preserved, and the result can be very pathetic. The place is not that important. It was the people, their will, their ideas, their common cause that made the country; that made history. Not the house or where they met! LKY did not want people to focus on the wrong things. But here's a truth about people: they tend to focus on the wrong things. They tend to ascribe importance to unimportant things. They tend to link events to places, rather than to people and will, and the human spirit."

"I think if the Old Man was alive, he would say, okay lah! Keep the stupid house if you want. Turn it into a museum if you like. You people cannot learn!"

"Yes. And the latest thing I read was some stupid property consultant estimated that if the house was sold, it would be worth $24m.

"WTF!!! How can people talk about money at a time like this?!?!? FUCKING CHEE BYE!"

"Ya. Like Rajaratnam said, Singaporeans are a people who know the price of everything and the value of nothing."

"Not ALL Singaporeans. Just the chee bye property agents. I usually feel sorry for them because they are dem stupid to be property agents, or dem unlucky to be property agents at this time. Then when they say stupid things like that..."

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