Thursday, 25 June 2015

Top Ten Reasons Phey Yew Kok turned himself in after 35 years on the run

From a Facebook note/post(Note: Link may not work due to privacy setting by Facebook user.)

The man is 81 years old.

He has been a fugitive almost half his life - 46 when he fled.

Why did he turn himself in after all these years?

Top Ten Reasons Phey Yew Kok turned himself in

#10 He wanted to meet Amos Yee personally, before he dies.

#9  The money ran out.

#8 Three words: Pioneer Generation benefits

#7 The SEA Games closing ceremony made him nostalgic for Singapore

#6 Didn't you hear? MERS has arrived in Thailand!

#5 His Thai mistress left him.

#4 Medishield Life.

#3 He found out his Thai "wife" was having an affair with Yaw Shin Leong.

#2 Free medical in prison

And the number one reason he turned himself in and came back to Singapore:

He wants his CPF money back!

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