Saturday, 22 December 2018

Thank you Malaysia

Singaporeans have had it too good.

Malaysia is here to remind us that we live in a world where silly things can happen.

Perhaps they are worried, we are not following the silly antics of Trump.

So they have a localised version just for us.

You might have had this experience in your childhood.

You and the kids in the neighbourhood gather together to play soccer or basketball.

One kid brings the ball. Everybody has fun.

Then something happens. Maybe a quarrel. Maybe an altercation. And the kid with the ball takes his ball and leaves.

That's a great strategy (if a little childish, but understandable) if the kid with the ball is the richest kid or has rich parents and none of the other neighbourhood kids are rich enough or has the resources to get another ball.

So Malaysia has decided to take their ball and go home.

And Singapore is too poor to buy another ball?

I guess they win then.

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