Monday, 12 November 2018

Who will replace PM Lee?

The S.I.A. (Short, Irreverent Answer) is "Who cares?"

The Long Polite(r) Answer (L.P.A.) is as follows.

Is there a difference whether Heng Swee Keat, Chan Chun Sing, or Ong Ye Kung becomes PM?

Or for that matter, if Tharman takes over?

So you think if Tharman (or insert name of your favourite to take over as PM) takes over, GST WON'T increase? Or that COE would be abolished? Or housing/property prices will come down? Or our hawker culture will be vibrant again? Or there won't be so many Foreign Workers in Singapore?

What do you think will be different?

PAP is PAP. PAP leaders are PAP leaders. The PAP leadership is based on a Cadre system to prevent a coup like what happened in 1957.

That means that to be a potential leader of the PAP, you must be seen as sharing the PAP values and perspective.

You can't be say, a communist, pretend to share the views of the PAP, get leadership of the PAP, and then try to turn the PAP into a communist party. Even if you could, you need at least 5 other similar agents working your way into the CEC and then taking over the PAP.

What this means is that while the style and personality of a PAP leader may vary (compare Goh Chok Tong and Lee Hsien Loong, for example), the content of their policies will be quite similar.

So, who will be replace PM Lee? Got difference meh?

And if your answer is, "well, that Chan Chun Sing person looks quite retarded. Maybe if he is the PM the PAP will lose and the opposition can take over!"

My question would be, "which opposition?"

The ONLY opposition party in Parliament is the Workers Party. And they are not overly ambitious. At least not under Low Thia Khiang.

Low has declared that the WP is not ready to take over the government, not now or the near future.

Of course, when he hands over to the next generation of WP leaders, maybe they might be ambitious or have delusions of grandeur. Or believe the WP can form the government.

But I respect Low and I believe his assessment is true.

So maybe one of the other opposition parties?

Sure. They are good for a laugh.

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