Tuesday, 9 April 2019

How to resist Fake News

So Fake News is in the news recently. Because Singapore passed a law against Fake News.

Well, in this age of information and social media, fake news is everywhere. Even in YouTube:

Here's a summary, from 15:40 in the video (I'm paraphrasing) - 
all these videos take advantage of the flaw in the human heart: the desire to fight those you disagree with. These videos make you hate and then they earn money from your views.

Fake News WORK because we want to believe them. It WORKS because we want AFFIRMATION of our biases and prejudices, and to be told that we are RIGHT. And once you KNOW you are right, you stop working to UNDERSTAND.

Fake News work not by telling you lies, but finding the lies that lie in your heart of hearts, and repeating them to you, articulating your fears, and affirming them.

they are lies that lie within the heart of hearts... [you do] not need to lie to [the people]. [Find] the lies the people believe in their hearts, and give them voice. They hear in [your] words, the lies in their heart, and they already BELIEVE it is true, they already KNOW it is true."
Fake News doesn't take you in. YOU take fake news into your heart and give it a home. And then, it does the dirty work. Or rather, it continues the dirty work you started. Fake News doesn't need to convince you of the truth of their words, you already KNOW it.

There is ONLY ONE way to stop fake news. It starts with you striving to first to question what you think you know to be true. And that takes humility.

"... those seeking the truth are infinitely to be preferred to those who think they’ve found it."
- Terry Pratchett.
If people understood how fake news work, and kept vigilance on themselves, fake news would have no way to gain a foothold in our society.


... that's easier said than done.

[13 April Edit:

Here's a YouTube video about how the mainstream media pursued a fake news for the sake of ratings and advertising:

Again, you believe what you want to believe.]

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