Monday, 21 May 2018

Donald Trump's Nobel Peace Prize slips out of his grasp.

In early May 2018, or thereabouts, Donald Trump announced that he will meet with Kim Jung Un for peace talk (well about getting North Korea to "denuclearise" - whatever that means - in exchange for lifting trade and other sanctions and helping North Korea's economy grow). And the talks would be held in Singapore.

The venue had to be a neutral venue where neither side would have "home ground" advantage. Mongolia was the other candidate. Unfortunately, Singapore was picked. The "honour" of hosting a summit between POTUS and Supreme Leader was too much for Singapore to decline.

(Yea, we don't want them here. All those security would just mean road closures, delays, and potential threats and security screenings. This all means "inconvenience" to Singaporeans, so "thank you, but no, thank you". Buuuut. It's apparently a done deal. Or is it?)

Then US and South Korea carried out their annual military exercise codenamed "Max Thunder".

Or Trump and the US were braying triumphantly about how they have succeeded in bringing North Korea to the denuclearisation table, and that pissed off the North Koreans (actually, it pissed off the ONLY North Korean to matter - Supreme Leader).

So they have been making noises threatening to call off the talks.

Or maybe...

Kim: What's this?
Aide: That's the invoice from Singapore.
Kim: Invoice? For WHAT?
Aide: For our meeting with Trump. In Singapore. On 12 June.
Kim: What are we supposed to do with it?
Aide: I think they expect us to pay it.
Kim: WHAT???? They think we made of money or what? $10,000 for the Presidential Suite? Per night?!?!
Aide: it's the Shangri-La, Supreme Leader.
Kim: Send the invoice to the US. Tell them to pay it!
Aide: Errr... it was the US who sent the invoice.
Kim: What?!? They expect us to pay? Such insolence! Cancel the meeting!
Well, Singapore is ranked one of the most expensive cities in the world...

And of course if the talks are called off, Trump will have no claim on the Nobel Peace Prize.


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