Friday, 16 September 2016

Conversation: Jiao Wey on CPF

"Nabe. Kong Jiao Wey, lah!"

"What are you reading?"

"That Tharman lah, he says younger Singaporeans who have enough savings can take 'controlled risks' - tok cock lah!"

"But that's not wrong advice - "

"This kind of advice my Ah Ma also can give! 'Take controlled risk' - like anyone will tell you to anyhow take risk, ah? And if you have enough savings, then what you worry? If you are young and have enough savings, you dem good already! No need gahmen to helpchyu. No need gahmen to give you jiao wey advice like 'take controlled risks'. The problem is people who don't have enough savings for their retirement - what is the gahmen going to do for them? Give them jiao wei advice?"

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