Monday, 25 July 2016

What's bothering the World, today?

We all have problems. Our problems always seem to be the biggest.

Here are today's problems, as seen on the Internet. By region/nations.

Problems, worries, questions in First World Countries:
1) In Germany, a bomb attack in Ansbach.
2) At the French Border, a 12-hour traffic jam after the French decided to beef up border security (after the Nice attack).
3) In the UK, people are asking, “are we really Brexiting?”

Problems, worries, questions of an emerging Superpower
1) Heavy rains and fatal floods in Hebei
2) How to set aside the Hague Tribunal’s ruling on the South China Sea?
3) At least we managed to control ASEAN! Phew!

Problems, worries, questions of a Superpower
1) Is Donald Trump REALLY going to be the next President?
2) Who the heck is Mike Pence?
3) What? Another shooting in a Florida Nightclub?

Problems, worries, questions of our neighbour up North
1) 1MDB
2) MH370 - Where is it?
3) Who is Malaysian Official 1?

Meanwhile, problems, worries, questions of  Singaporeans
1) Why Michelin didn't include my favourite hawker/Bak Chor Mee/Restaurant/? (Conversely, how the hell did THAT restaurant/hawker get a Michelin star?)
2) Please bring in/don't let them bring in Pokemon Go!
3) What the hell! They raise the ERP for the CTE!

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