Sunday, 17 April 2016

Retorts and Rebuttals - Haze April 2016

Singapore should focus on its own role in combating transboundary haze‬ instead of “making so many comments”: Indonesia’s Minister of the Environment and Forestry Siti Nurbaya.

So the rapist told the cops, "The victim shoiuld just focus on how she had contributed to the rape - the way she dressed, being out late at night, in my part of town - instead of complaining about me." 
Now waiting for the rapist's father to say, "ya la. Rape only one night. What about the 364 nights of the year my son did not rape her? She never show gratitude for those nights! Ungrateful!"

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Gary said...

First it was the Indonesian VP now it is the minister herself in charge of the area. But nothing heard, a deafening silence, from the man who is overall in charge, the President of Indonesia.

How should Singapore react or response to this type of immature and childish behaviour? Mass boycott and embargo is perhaps the best solution, but for various social, political, defence and economic reasons we should not boycott Indonesia. But that also means we have to live and accept this is the sort of neighbours we have. Indonesia is simply too huge to have her do things she, for various reasons, including corruption at the HIGHEST level, don't want or refuses to do.

My own conclusion is that Indonesian politicians are simply too proud to even accept responsibility for the country's poor behaviour. At bottom, it is the behaviour of the poor with misguided sense of pride. The fact that corruption AT ALL LEVELS of society and government is rife in Indonesia and at heart a very primitive society that collectively appears not to have advanced very much from the STONE AGE. Root cause is of course corruption with a capital C.