Saturday, 24 October 2015

Conversations: Crossover, not Crosstalk

"Ha!  As expected. All guilty."

"The City Harvest trial?"

"Yeah. What a waste of time!"

"Well, justice has to be seen to be served."

"It was an open and shut case. Everybody knows it's bullshit! Waste time. Waste money."

"Well, they still have to prove it in court."

"Maybe. But the whole story is so complicated and so unbelievable, you know something fishy is going on."

"You mean the sham bonds and the round-tripping?"

"No lah! It's the same old story of a man who will do anything for a CB."

"Huh? How you get to that conclusion?"

"What is this Cross Over Project? They want to evangelise in the US, bring Christianity to the US through Pop Music, use Pop Music to attract people and turn them towards Christianity, correct?"


"The US not Christian enough or what? Don't have Christian Evangelists in the US, ah? US practically invented "Tele-Evangelist"! And you want to attract people to Christianity through Pop Music? The US don't have pop music ah? Pop Music was born there! You tell this kind of kookoo cock and bull story, 15 year old boy with pimples can tell you someone is just trying to get nekkid with someone."

"But he's already married to her by then. Getting... 'nekkid' with his wife should not be so complicated right?"

"You not married, hor?"

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