Monday, 14 September 2015

Top Ten Reasons for PAP to have done so well for GE2015.

Yes, it was a shocker!

Tan Jee "Sing First, Say Later" was flabbergasted! "Why this has happened"? All their ground sensing was that voters were unhappy with the PAP and their policies. Which suggests that their ground sensing may not be very representative.

Meanwhile, PM Lee said that the results “exceeded their expectations”.

A 10 percentage point swing towards the PAP! What could have caused it?

Here are the Top Ten Reasons PAP did unexpectedly well in GE2015!

Heeeeeere we go!

10 - All those posters of PM Lee looking at voters created fear in voters and they felt they had no choice but to vote PAP
9 - It's still the Hungry Ghost month, the Gates of Hell are still open, and the ghost of Lee Kuan Yew was able to affect the outcome of the Election. 
8 - Haze Returns. And suddenly there was no blue skies. There were no white clouds. Only grey. 
7 - Polling day was Sept 11, which reminded voters of terrorism and somehow, they cannot picture Low Thia Khiang, Sylvia Lim, Chen Show Mao, Gerald Giam, Chee Soon Juan, Kenneth J, Tan Jee Say, Goh Meng Seng, or Desmond Lim dealing with terrorism effectively. 
6 - Three personalities: Ravi, Roy, and Triple H. And Gerald Giam. Make that four. Oh wait! Cheo Chai Chen - make that five. 
5 - People realised that inflatable hammers are only symbols and are functionally useless. 
4 - Three words: No Nicole Seah. 
3 - Najib Razak RM2.6b "donation" made all the debate over our Minister's million dollar salaries seem rather silly. 
2 - Two words: Malaysian Ringgit. The unexplained rise of SGD against the RM showed voters an alternate Singapore.
And the number 1 reason PAP did so well in GE2015:

Even M. Ravi told Singaporeans to "Vote for P.A.-"

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