Friday, 31 July 2015

Top Ten Unimportant Documents destroyed in Malaysian Police HQ

From the Home Office at Bukit Aman, Kuala Lumpur, Here's the Top Ten List!

Top Ten Unimportant Documents Destroyed in the fire at Malaysia Police HQ

#10 Investigation into Anwar's Black Eye (4/10 on the Unimportant Scale)

#9 Historical correspondence on Pedra Branca between the Johor Sultan and the British which would have proved sovereignty over the rock (4/10)

#8 Altantuya Shaariibuu's murder investigation file (5/10)

#7 Six hundred and thirty-eight close-up photographs of Farah Ann's aurat (5/10)

#6 Two hundred and twelve before-and-after photographs of women in shorts/short skirts trying to get service from government agencies who had to wear sarongs before they got served, and one photograph of a man in pink bermudas trying to retrieve his lost luggage from airport (6/10)

#5 Photographic evidence (119 photos) of KLIA2 sinking, and "ponding" (6/10)

#4 Artist impression of crooked bridge (38 paintings) favoured by Dr Mahathir (7/10)

#3 Historical evidence that Laksa was invented in Singapore! (8/10)

#2 Six hundred confiscated bibles in Malay referring to God as "Allah" (9/10)

And the Number One unimportant documents destroyed in the fire in Police HQ in Bukit Aman...

Sexually Explicit Love Letters between Anwar and Dr Mahathir (10/10)

[Cue Music: "We didn't start the fire"]

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