Sunday, 7 September 2014

Ideas for Ubin

A lot of comments were to leave Ubin alone. Leave it Rustic. Undeveloped. Untouched. Pristine. Primeval. Primitive.

I agree.

Then of course there was the recent incident where a man collapsed/fainted, and died while being transported to a Hospital on the main island.

So maybe there should be a emergency medical centre there?  But who to staff it? Is it worth it? How often is there a life and death situation to warrant such a centre?

So maybe not.

Leave it pristine, untouched, undeveloped.

Leave it for Singaporeans, for future generations.

Leave it historical.


Capitol Theatre
We've lost so much of our "history" or "historical icons". Like the National Theatre and Van Kleef Aquarium next to it.

Majestic Theatre is now just another shopping mall.

Capitol Theatre is being... I don't know what it's being turned into. But I'll bet shops will be a significant feature.

Cathay Cinema

And I can't recognise Cathay Cinema. Or whatever it is now. I hear there are shops and eateries in there.

The General Post Office is now a hotel.

We used to have "Worlds" of entertainment or at least amusement - Great World, New World, Gay World. And... Beauty World? Was that ever an amusement park?

Great World has been redeveloped into a... (surprise!) shopping mall. New World is now City Square (or it stands on the site previously occupied by New World Amusement Park). And Gay World? We don't use the "G" word around here. Might attract the wrong kind of tourists.

But Pulau Ubin seems to be left behind by time. If you ignore the modern bicycles, the little "village" at the pier has been untouched by time.

Yes, the stage for wayang or opera is there permanently (no other use for the site, no need to dismantle when not in use).

Pulau Ubin is old Singapore, left behind by Time.

Perhaps we can go back in time on Pulau Ubin.

Perhaps there could be a scale working replica of the National Theatre and Van Kleef Aquarium. Maybe it could be part of a new amusement park called New World Amusement Park. The Majestic Theatre could also be recreated there on a smaller scale. And Capitol and Cathay. For a start, it would only operate on school holidays and a few national holidays.

It could be opened for corporate bookings.

It could be locations for movies and TV shows.


You know what?

Forget it, I was just fantasizing.

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