Tuesday, 24 June 2014

A Rosy Hue (settles all around)

From an On-line comment on the "Wear White" reactionary campaign to the "Pink Dot" event.

It would be interesting to see how the govt will respond to Lawrence Khong's claim to "defend the official position of the SG govt". 
In a sense, the govt may have painted itself into a corner. 
By keeping 377A on the books (criminalising sex "against the order of nature", IIRC), they (the govt) defended their decision as moving as fast as SG society is prepared to move. However, in doing so, they have, as Lawrence Khong might put it, established the official position of the SG govt - that it is a reflection of conservative SG society.

BUT, I believe Lawrence Khong may have overestimated his position. (It is easy when you believe you have God on your side.)

By pointing out the govt's "official position", he may have inadvertently pointed out to the govt how untenable that position is, how vulnerable they are to be "hijacked" by the conservatives (religious or otherwise). And how easily they may be used by the conservatives.

And I believe, this govt, does not like to be used.

They have resisted all the arguments from the LGBT community about how keeping 377A is discriminatory (or incriminatory?), by insisting that it is merely a reflection of societal mores, and there would be no active persecution (or is it prosecution) of LGBT. But here Khong is showing HOW the govt's fence-sitting position can be used to persecute (if not prosecute) a campaign against the LGBT.

Perhaps this may lead the govt to realise the fatal flaw of sitting on the fence on this issue.

And they may decide that it is time to come down on one side or the other on the issue.

And Lawrence Khong may just be deluded enough to think that they would come down on his side.

Of course, right now, they must be furiously thinking of how to maintain a comfortable seat on the fence. And how to retort to Khong.
If I may suggest an alternative campaign for the rest of us who neither want to wear All-Pink or All-White: Wear a White T-Shirt with a Pink Dot on it.

Your message would be:
I may be conservative, traditional, or "normal", but I accept that there are people who are different. But "Different" doesn't mean "wrong"; "Different" doesn't mean "outsider", "Different" doesn't mean "abnormal" or "sick" or "deviant".
"Different" just means "different". We are all different in different ways.
I wear white with a pink dot because there are people who are different from me amongst us, and I accept them.

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