Sunday, 23 June 2013

News Headlines you suspect are being covered up

"Hundreds dead of Haze inhalation. More deaths expected."

"Crime on the rise! Perpetrators hard to identify as all were wearing N95 masks. Incorrectly!"

"Violence breaks out across island as shoppers fight for dwindling stocks of N95 masks."

"N95 masks shipment hijacked! Robbers demand $50m! SG Govt refused to negotiate. (WP said if they were in power, they would.)"

"Workers doing anti-dengue fogging in neighbourhood assaulted by residents. No suspects arrested as they were all wearing N95 masks"

"NEA reports more cases of smoking in non-smoking area. Smokers tell NEA to "Clear the haze before we put out our cigarettes"

"LTA reports more motorists installing illegal fog lights on their vehicles."

"SG Govt working on process to create "NEWAir". No success yet."

"More motorists committing traffic offences (like speeding, and running red lights) as cameras unable to take clear pictures of their licence plates in Haze."

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